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EA Battlefront

November 4 2017
Paris Games Week - Paris

EA Battlefront 2 Launch event was promoted by famous talents of the Internet. 20 talents such as McFlyy & Carlito, OrelSan, Laink & Terracid were present to participate to show Battlefront 2 game mode available, Every content was broadcasted on McFlyy & Carlito Youtube Channel (over 3M Suscribers).

Talent Web

Talent Web is the First digital Talents Agency in France
Talent Web helps new talents to develop their artistic project and help them with their collaboration with brands


Gozulting was the technical partner of Talent Web. We managed the complete broadcast and the capture of 10 Talents' Gameplay during the Live production.


Gozulting provided a complete broadcast Set-up including :
• 5 cameras - SONY FS5 1080p 60fps.
• 10 Captures Set-up for the game play of Talents (Camera + PC).
• Casting Set-up and Live Broadcast.

EA Battlefront  Picture #1
EA Battlefront  Picture #2
EA Battlefront  Picture #3
EA Battlefront  Picture #4
EA Battlefront  Picture #5
Battlefront capture Set-up