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ECLA Esport Smash Edition

August 10-11 2019
Massy Palaiseau, France

In order to create an attractive location for students, ECLA decided to bring esport to its marketing mix.

Gozulting was contacted to create a concept that has to unite new audience and bring new people inside ECLA's building.


Ecla Paris Massy-Palaiseau, a #FrenchTouch campus where you can experience the best of co-living near Plateau de Saclay and Paris!


Gozulting picked the game that would fit the most the targeted audience.
Once chosen, Gozulting oversaw the whole event from the attendees experience to the video production and broadcast solution.


The solution was a complete broadcast setup for a broadcast streamed on Twitch with a dedicated director.
FS5 Cameras, audio setup with broadcast headphones for commentators as well as stage microphones for analysts and guests.


Red Bull France
ECLA Esport Smash Edition Picture #1
ECLA Esport Smash Edition Picture #2
ECLA Esport Smash Edition Picture #3


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