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Just Cause 4 Promotion video

May 29 2018
Red Bull Gaming Room, Paris

Square Enix & Red Bull proposed to Le Bledart to have exclusive content on Just Cause 4 before the release at E3 2018.
New Weapons, new Enemies, and a lot fun is offered by Just Cause 4

Red Bull

Red Bull GmbH is an Austrian company, which is well-known for its Red Bull energy drink. The company is also known for its sponsorship of a range of sporting events and teams.


We managed the complete captation and created and produced the video.
This video is available on Red Bull Social media.


The Captation Set-up was :
• 2 Dedicated Staff (video & Sound)
• 3 Caméra Sony - FS5
• HF Microphone for the Talent
• Gameplay Recording
• Lights


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