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Red Bull Kumite 2019 Japan

December 19-22 2019
Aichi, Japan

For its first time ever Red Bull decided to host Kumite outside of Paris, home city of the 4 previous editions.

The 2019 edition of the best invitational tournaments on the Street Fighter franchise decided to move to Japan, turf of the world best Versus Fighting players.

Red Bull Media House

Red Bull Media House is an award-winning, globally distributed multi-platform media company on a mission to inspire with ‘beyond the ordinary’ stories - both direct-to-consumer and through partnerships.


Gozulting was contracted by Red Bull Media House to oversee the venue technical aspects for both Last Chance Qualifier and Main Event. Gozulting had to create specifications and apply best practices to ensure onsite video production as well as broadcasting in 4 different languages.

Furthermore, Gozulting was involved in the creation of all graphic assets as well on stream content and after movies editing.

 Red Bull Kumite 2019 Japan Picture #1
 Red Bull Kumite 2019 Japan Picture #2
 Red Bull Kumite 2019 Japan Picture #3


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